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To know Ms. Siao in short time

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Basic information:

Chinese name -蕭安惠

English name -SIAO, ANHUEI

Degree -Bachelor

Education -Department of Applied Chinese language and literature, National Taiwan Normal University (Year of graduation: 2012)

Teaching license-Certificate of Qualification to Teach Mandarin Chinese as a Second / Foreign Language (It is awarded by Taiwan Ministry of Education)

Teaching experiences:

November 24, 2020 ~ NOW


Mandarin teacher

June 28, 2021 ~ August 6, 2021

Mandarin Learning Center in CYCU (Short-term project cooperated with Taiwan OCAC)

Online Mandarin teacher

November 9, 2020 ~ December 18, 2020

Mandarin Learning Center in CYCU (Short-term project cooperated with Taiwan OCAC)

Online Mandarin teacher

July 15, 2014 ~ June 30, 2020

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (Dispatched by TaiwanICDF)

Mandarin Lecturer

November 5, 2012 ~ June 22, 2014

Taiwan Mandarin Institute

Chinese teacher


I am Ms. Siao, a professional, experienced and certified Mandarin Chinese teacher, having been teaching Mandarin for 9 years, and helping more than 800 foreign students so far.

My students are from all over the world, however, most of them are Vincentians in recent years, because I worked in SVG, a beautiful Caribbean country about 6 years. Moreover, most of my students there were young adults, hence I have enough confidence with helping teenager and adult learners to get Mandarin Chinese even they have no idea with this language before.

I have extensive experience to teach beginners this special but a little bit challenging language, including pronunciation, Hanyu Pinyin, Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, Traditional Chinese characters, words, grammar structures, dialogues and narrations., etc.

Although language is the most important in my class absolutely, culture is the other indispensable theme, even in SVG, where is not easy to find resources, I still held several activities and events there.

Last but not least, if you are interested in realizing Mandarin Chinese, one of the most important and widely spoken language in the world, it is quite welcomed to contact me, then we could discuss the details together. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


#professional #experienced #certified #MandarinChineseTeacher

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Thank you very much!!!


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