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Acquire all Chinese alphabets by 11 vocabulary

In first Mandarin Chinese class, what topic do you think you will learn?

I think Chinese alphabets are one of the most common expected answers in your minds.

It is undeniable that Chinese alphabets are the foundation of Mandarin learning, no matter you like them or not, spending time mastering them is necessary.

In fact, you could find a lot of online learning resources of Chinese alphabets, including Hanyu Pinyin and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, and they really give assistance undoubtedly.

However, except to learn Chinese alphabets one by one, I offer the other option, as long as you get familiar with the following 11 words, then you are able to acquire all Chinese alphabets! Moreover, you will know 11 Taiwanese food and drinks’ names at the same time.

Let’s get started it!

If you want to listen to the pronunciation of each word, please check the video below.

─ END ─ If you are interested in learning this beautiful Asian language, it is quite welcomed to contact me! ( ) Looking forward to hearing from you!




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Thank you very much!!!


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