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Get Chinese Tones with「We are the kings!」

If you ask the Mandarin Chinese learners what the most difficult part of this Asian language is, I think one of their common answers will be Tones.

Unlike English, each sentence owns its Intonation, there is NO Intonation in Mandarin Chinese, but we have Tones, including 4 basic tones and 1 neutral tone.

In my teaching experience, most foreign students could get the Tones ideas after learning them, but students have to keep Tones in mind all the time, otherwise, it is quite easy to make mistakes, no matter what their Mandarin Chinese level are.

Well, though Tones are a little bit hard to master fully, it is still possible pronounce them perfectly as you focus on. Moreover, I could help you achieve the goal if you wish.

However, if you are simply curious about Mandarin Chinese Tones, only want to get some basic information, I think this video could meet your needs!


The suggested video-Learn all Chinese alphabets with Ms. Siao


If you are interested in learning this beautiful Asian language or wishing to know more about my teaching, it is quite welcomed to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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