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Learn all Chinese alphabets with Ms. Siao

In first Mandarin Chinese class, what topic do you think you will learn?

I think Chinese alphabets are one of the most common expected answers in your minds.

It is undeniable that Chinese alphabets are the foundation of Mandarin learning, no matter you like them or not, spending time mastering them is necessary.

In my previous post, I do show you how to get all Chinese alphabets by 11 words only, however, if you still prefer to learn them step by step, one thing I could suggest is DO NOT miss this new video! Trust me! It will help you a lot!!! Let’s get started it!

【Correction】please get the right audio file of “eng / ㄥ” via this link.


The suggested video-Acquire all Chinese alphabets by 11 vocabulary


$ A limited incentive plan $ Though my video could help you get all Chinese alphabets (pronunciation) in short time, you perhaps want a professional coach give an immediate advice still, therefore, I offer a limited incentive plan- just share this post in your social media (for public), take a screenshot and send it to me, the first 10 people will have chances to book 30 minutes free online private class to correct your Chinese pronunciation.

Ms. Siao's email address: Ms. Siao's Youtube Channel:

DO NOT miss this opportunity if you would love to make your Chinese pronunciation accurately! Looking forward to seeing you in the free online private class!

P.S. Ms. Siao reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

If you like my post and wish to sponsor me, could reference the link below.

Thank you very much!!!

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