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Practice your Mandarin by card game “UNO”!

Have you played the card game “UNO”?

Could you image that you are able to practice Mandarin when you enjoy UNO as well?

You just need to know how to say Numbers 0 to 9, Four colors and a few of phrases, then you could play UNO in Mandarin actually!

Are you excited about it? Let's learn with Ms. Siao quickly!

Numbers 0 to 9

Four Colors


If you want to listen to the pronunciation of each word or sentence, please check the video below.

I think you get all Chinese words needed at this moment, but what is your next step?

Say the corresponding Chinese words or phrases with confidence when using your UNO cards in the game!

It is quite easy, right?

Do it ASAP, and make your Mandarin oral ability improved by the card game!

─ END ─

If you are interested in learning this beautiful Asian language or wishing to know more about my teaching, it is quite welcomed to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Thank you very much!!!


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