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Get Chinese numbers 10 to 99 in the logical way.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

In our past post “Practice your Mandarin by card game “UNO”!”, we get the knowledge of Chinese numbers 0 to 9, and now we are going to learn Chinese numbers 10 to 99!

Some of you may think it is a little bit challenging to get so many numbers in one time, however, you just need to learn how to say “10” in Mandarin, and then you are able to master 11 to 99 shortly.

If you cannot imagine it, strongly suggest you spend a couple of minutes to see the charts below, and you will find Chinese numbers 10 to 99 are NOT as hard as you think before.

Are you getting Chinese Numbers 11 to 99 now?

It is quite logical, right?


If you still feel confused or have no confidence to pronounce them in perfect, it is welcomed to contact me, I am willing to help you master Chinese numbers 10 to 99. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you very much!!!


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